eMediaFinder Wordpress Plugin

eMediaFinder is available as a Wordpress plugin. The eMediaFinder WordPress plugin allows you to centralize all your media with a full digital asset manager. Upload all your high resolution images to your gallery and automatically create custom image sizes for your website.

  • Add an unlimited number of images to your gallery
  • Create albums and categories with customizable user permissions
  • Convert your images size preferences on the fly

All your files in one place. The best professional gallery builder for your Wordpress website.

You can download the plugin at wordpress or here. We recommend to use the latest version of wordpress, or 5.7+

Verify the latest version this way:

Install Plugin

Here are some images to install the plugin

Configuring the Plugin

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can configure it. you will notice you can already add the block, since we are missing settings at this point. the block will look as following:

Setting up the Plugin

Configuring your block

You can now connect to your emediafinder site and start using your gallery

Final View!