EnterMedia 10 Knowledgbase

EnterMediaDB 10 official documentation. Instructions and information are provided for setup, administration, feature use, and programming. EnterMedia offers a collection of written and video documentation for its customers and open source community. Some pieces of documentation may require installation of third party tools, upgrading of existing systems, or modification of settings. All changes to a live environment should be made by a professional.


Using Docker to run EnterMedia has a number of advantages. Including: Ability to run on all major Linux OS’s such as Ubuntu with consistent behavior. Separation of data vs application. Keeps your backups clean Ability to run a cluster with multiple docker nodes Install EnterMedia on Docker Make you sure you have a recent Docker version. […]

Once you have enabled our RPM repository on a Linux system (RHEL or CentOS) you can use the command line interface. […]

Watermarking allows a company logo to be used to brand content within the media database. The feature is controlled via permissions. It can be customized in various ways to allow administrators to control which uses have full access to media. […]



When setting up a DEV, QA or staging environment it is best to use as many aspects of the production site as possible. EnterMedia allows DAM administrators to export applications or workspaces for backup and testing purposes. […]

A basic failover system requires two servers with EnterMedia installed on each. If one server goes down, the other "failover" server will automatically start up. This is an ideal arrangement for any production environment that has a requirement of 99.9+% uptime. […]

The EnterMedia release cycle produces a new wave of feature enhancements and bug fixes about every 2-3 months. The update can be performed from the Manager page when logged in as an administrator. […]



Local development, debugging, testing and troubleshooting can be achieved by setting up Eclipse on a non-production machine. Eclipse can be set up in a Windows, Linux or Mac environment. This arrangement will allow access to the EnterMedia codebase and other useful tools. […]

Every EnterMedia site has a top level file named: /_site.xconf that controls the default settings for the site. Additional _site.xconf files may be placed in children directories, such that the lower level _site.xconf files either override or, in some cases, have an additive effect on the settings in higher level _site.xconf files. […]

The REST API is the original EnterMedia API. The list of available calls is vast and inclusive. It can be used to build custom front ends and other applications on top the DAM. Please note that we have since updated to a more inclusive JSON API that is recommended. […]