Allow user registration to specific Entity

You can limit the access of a User or Group of users to specific Entities or Subset of Entities.

Allow user registration and limit access to specific Entity:

  • Add the following paramaters to the main _site.xconf file in your setup:
     <property name="allowguestregistration">true</property> <property name="autologingroup">parents</property> 
  • Define a default role for the users, add a catalog setting with the id defaultrole and set it to the role id you want to assign.

After you've done the above, restart your instance. You can share the Entity link that you will find in the top of each Entity dialog.

Additionaly you can prevent direct user registration, for this configuration you need to add a catalog setting with the id:newuserautoenabled and the value: false, then you can define a global (system wide) User Approver Email adding the catalog setting with id userapprovalemail for the Email Address and userapprovalemail_name for the Email From name.

Or you can add individual Approver Email Address to the category linked to the Entity. In the catregory tree locate the category, right click and choose Properties, here you can define the Approver Email address for this category and all related child-Entities. Edit the field: Approver User Email (categoryadminemail):

This way, every time a user clicks on the Entity's shared link, a Request Access Email will be sent to the User Approver Email, this email will contain a direct link to Add and Approve the User registration.


Once approved, administrator can send a confirmation Email to the user with the link to direct access the shared Entity.